Sunday, November 08, 2015

TAL Roundup: The Butterscotch Cathedral, The Torn Circus, Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade, Mystic Brew, plus Beaucoup Más

The excellent The Active Listener's been pumping it out at a furious rate of late, but it's not making us furious. Oh, no, not at all, far from it. The following are from the latest TAL Sampler (#37, by number), plus other items condignly commended by N. Ford and Co.

We could have posted 9 more Samplerwidgets below those two, but don't want to splash more cyber than necessary. Let us, then, simply recommend your closer attention to the songs by The Hanging Stars (#3), The Magnetic Mind (#4), Heaters (#6), Flavor Crystals (#8), Coke Weed (#9), Madame De C*** (#10), Shinkiro (#11), The Sunchymes (#18), and Midday Veil (#19).

By your sweet leaf, though, we are going to splash two more widgies, one from Louisiana and one from Russia. Read all about 'em in this TAL post. That post also praises The Age, whom we also love and posted here.

We also especially like #6. Read the TAL post here.

Yes, we posted the same The Butterscotch Cathedral song two posts in a row. We love The Butterscotch Cathedral.

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