Monday, May 02, 2016

Music of the Sphere: Lambrettas, Sunflower Bean, I Was a King, Gentleman Jesse And His Men, Telekinesis, An Horse, Kaiser Chiefs, Love is All, Cruiserweight, Glasvegas, Longwave, Metric, Spoon, Blink-182

This was going to be a simple followup to yesterday's Austin Town Hall archives post (and basically still is), but we thought we'd include a couple of recent finds as well, while we're at it. Hope that's okay with youse.

The Lambrettas - Living For Today & Da-a-a-ance - Still in Rock

Sunflower Bean - I Was Home - KEXP Blog (pic)

From ATH Way Back When:

I Was a King - Norman Bleik - Austin Town Hall
Gentleman Jesse And His Men - I Don't Wanna Know - Austin Town Hall
Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina - Austin Town Hall
An Horse - Camp Out - Austin Town Hall

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat - Austin Town Hall
Love is All - Wishing Well - Austin Town Hall
Cruiserweight - Balboa - Austin Town Hall
Glasvegas - Geraldine - Austin Town Hall

Longwave - Sirens in the Deep - Austin Town Hall
Metric - Help I'm Alive - Austin Town Hall
Spoon - Everything Hits at Once - Austin Town Hall
Blink-182 - Aliens Exist - Austin Town Hall

We checked and found that our mp3 link to that fabulous IWaK debut is still working, but what the heck, ATH deserved your custom. You might enjoy the live video we posted there, so let's post it here as well. Great performance, plus you get to practice your Norwegian.

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