Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Stop, Look And Listen to Strawberry Whiplash, Bubblegum Lemonade and The Search Engines

No pain in the neck are these lovely Scots, oh, no, not at all and quite to the contrary. That title track from the forthcoming Matinee Records EP by Glaswegians Sandra (vox) and Laz (instruments) has us eagerly anticipating its December release.

Ye might remember the following previously posted item and also enjoy another that could well woo you into a mood Yulish.

Speaking of Laz (aka Lawrence McLuskey), we were shamefully remiss in not posting the following song from last year's excellent Sophomore Release by his (one-man) band, Bubblegum Lemonade.

We intended to post a droll little number spoofing a certain "star" whose name shall not be uttered on these premises. We hereby rectify the oversight.

Click here if you're not getting the allusion. (Warning: hold your nose.)

We would also like to repost the title track from last year's superb Caroline's Radio EP. You can get a bunch more BL songs and info by clicking here. (Once there, scroll down.)

Finally, we post a song we very much like from a pre-BL band of Laz's. You can find eight more downloadables at the band's page.

The Search Engines - In Along With You mp3

Is that enough songs for one post? Probably not, but if you follow our links, you'll find plenty more free and legals. Happy whipping and chewing and slurping and searching and such.


L said...

Really delightful music - love Strawberry Whiplash. Thanks for the links and info; great post and much appreciated.

pplist said...

Thanks, L. Your comment is much appreciated on this end.

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