Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Fantasies Are Not So Dumb

Yes, there's no doubt Herbie von K would get off on this smart little janglemarcher. (I mean, look at the picture, for Peter's sake: maestro's smiling his flipping lips off.) We've said several times we really "dig" what these Northampton lads are doing tune-wise and thank them for knocking us up emailily with this, their latest, released today. As noted in those previous posts, you can find more by them at their Bandcamp pages. If you're new to The Fantasies, you simply must click either the word "several" or the word "times" up there and listen to "Tick Tock." Not trying to be bossy, but you must. Thank you. That is all.


Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - So Dumb mp3

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