Sunday, August 05, 2007

From the Archives

It's been awhile since we've done one of these, so maybe it's time. As we all know, humankind divides into two fundamental categories: those who enjoy searching through music blog archives and those who do not. I am among the former. For the benefit of the latter, I have spent some happy hours lovingly examining the Powerpopulist archives for the first part of this year and thought you might find the following neato. Clicking the song names will play the songs. Clicking the artist names will take you to the original post or label or something. You will often find info and one or more other songs awaiting you. Clicking on that "From the Archives" label will take you to previous similar posts.


Katharine said...

Hey There,

I have just discovered your most wonderful blog!! I have found some great stuff here so thankyou so much. Also I totally dig your disclaimer etc etc. I hope you don't mind buti added you to my blog list coz u guys farkin rawk!

pplist said...

Wow, Katharine, it is most wonderful of you to say these wonderful things. The Powerpopulist team (of one) thanks you most sincerely. Not only do unroyal "we" not mind your adding "us," "we" are flattered and hope you don't mind if "we" add your excellent blog to "our" list. You're up to great things out there in WAUS!

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