Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Humptaggin' with Action Painters, The XYZ Affair, Boddicker, illuminea, Bella, Hyperbubble, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, Pixies

There, I think I've said quite enough, let's to the tuna. I might just mention that I gave a good bit of thought to the three groupings, in case it's not all that apparent. Need more info? If you click the artist names, it will come. Oh, and of course, Happy Humptag.

Boddicker - Mississippi (mp3) - Ta, Toolshed, for the music of this Oxford lad.

Hyperbubble - Airbrushed Alibis mp3 - Some poppers might object to some of the musical jiggerypotpourri in this one, but what can I say, I like the song. So maybe this is kind of a caveat.

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