Friday, August 24, 2007

Late: GoStation, New Model Army, Midways, Nyles Lannon, John Ralston, Radical Face, Numbers, Stuperhero

Sure ain't Oliver's Army (though I hope they're here to stay).
I've stayed up a wee bit late for a worknight, so here goes. If you, too, are in a biggish hurry, skip down to Stuperhero. You'll be done in a jif, surfeited anyway (we hope).

The GoStation - All Together Now mp3
Nyles Lannon - Next Obsession mp3

John Ralston - Ghetto Tested mp3 - Ta,
Radical Face - Welcome Home mp3 - Ta,
Numbers - Mind Hole mp3 - For 1/3 of a minute this seems to be going nowhere slow. Then we hear a premonitory psychish buzz that builds into something quite satisfying indeed, maties.
Stuperhero - They make the two-minute song seem like "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida."
5 O'Clock Mad Dash mp3
Flying Discs mp3
Spoon - Idiot Driver mp3 - Vroooom. Go, boyo.


Anonymous said...

pplist, hey its me johnbuck again! my son is firmed planted at penn state, and i had a chace to check out your latest postings and i agree with you -- whoaa! stuporhero is awesome. the best songs robert pollard never wrote! great band - thanks for turning us on! i noticed you dont have a link for them - they have a myspace page and a website that has additional cuts, all good- so good in fact that i immediately ordered both cd's even though the latest is also on emusic. take care, regards, johnbuck

pplist said...

Hey, thanks, John, for the info! Lately I've been having lots of trouble with the Blogger program--details not necessary--and kind of reached my limit the other night (early morning, actually) on this post. I had found a Stuporhero link, but it didn't seem to be right and Blogger kept screwing up, so I just decided to post and be done with it for the time being. So I really appreciate your telling me about the MySpace site and ordering the music because I definitely want to explore this band further. I'll find the link and update the post. And I'm glad you got the whippersnapper safely ensconced at College Park!

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