Friday, August 17, 2007

For Friday: Sambassadeur, Pash, Strawberry Story, Penny Century, Tiny Masters of Today, New Young Pony Club, Le Fits, Goldenhorse

Quite excited I was - and am fairly certain some of you will be - to find the new single by Sambassadeur at the mighty Pitchfork. I adore this Swedish band (pic), as I've made clear. Everyone I've introduced them to (personally, anyway) immediately falls. I've also got some other really nice tuneage emailed to me and discovered yither and hon the past few days. So perhaps the time has come to post, kick back, and listen. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes mp3 - From the “Subtle Changes” single due the 29th of this month
Pash - ABCD mp3 - Thanks to Dave Clifford at Fanatic Promotion.
Strawberry Story - Gone Like Summer mp3 - There are three more downloadables at their MySpace site. (Click band name.)
Penny Century - Nothing Burns Like Bridges mp3 - Released as a free download single by Letterbox Records

Tiny Masters of Today - Wise beyond their years
Bushy mp3
New Young Pony Club - The Bomb mp3 - From Fantastic Playroom (out August 28th)
Goldenhorse - Fish mp3 - Thanks to chromewaves, who has one more.

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