Wednesday, August 22, 2007

While We're Up: Centro-Matic, Manhattan Love Suicides, Lionheart Brothers, Western States Motel, Airiel, Super Furry Animals, The Hives, et. al.. . .

This blurb will be even more laconic than usual. Our roadrunner joined the coyote at the bottom of the cliff and has been down most of the night. I'm going to post quickly while the fowl's afoot and I have the means. Hence we hasten. . .

Centro-Matic - Most Everyone Will Find mp3 - For as long as I'm still functioning I'll be grateful to the dear friend who introduced me to these Texans through this song. (pic)
The Manhattan Love Suicides - You’ll Never Get That Guy mp3 - Thanks, Pitchfork.
The Somnambulants - Take It On mp3

Super Furry Animals - Run-Away mp3
Airiel - Thinktank - Thanks to Team Clermont!
The Carter Administration - The REM Speedwagon mp3
The Hives - a.k.a I-D-I-O-T mp3


Unknown said...

Hey matie

the manhattan love suicides link dont appear to be working there. Hope all is well.


pplist said...

Cheers, Katharine. Fixed it. Thanks for watching my back!

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