Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Poppin': Telepathic Butterflies, 88, Aislers Set, Dora Flood, California Oranges, Herman's Hermits

Nein? Okay, then, let's try telepathy.

Okay, on the seventh - or first, whatever - day of the week we rested but we also posted a nice little set of poppers, both power and indie. I'm indebted to Steve Simels and NYMary over at PowerPop blog for pointing me toward the Herman's Hermits classic, "No Milk Today." You will find several more at head Hermit Peter Noone's webpage. You'll also find some more by fabulous Manitobans The Telepathic Butterflies at their bandsite. The same applies to my new heartthrobs Dora Flood, The 88, and The Aislers Set. Be sure and check out the song, "Run Away" at the California Oranges site. I hope to be able to post it here someday.

Sunday Afternoon mp3

One Half Laughing mp3

Dora Flood
Capsule Life mp3

California OrangesFalling Back mp3

Herman’s Hermits - No Milk Today mp3

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