Saturday, August 18, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Matthew Sweet, Collective Soul, Marshall Crenshaw, Built to Spill, Chapterhouse, Game Theory, ELO, et. al.

You want variety, you got variety. The brave and bounteous bloghosts continue to make our lives just that much fuller. I'm doing this bloggy style, i. e., the songs are listed pretty much in reverse chronological order. If you're in a 70s mood, pop right down to the end of this post. I was obviously impressed with the rich fare offered by my new friends (who don't know me) at Speed of Dark and bag of songs. I do not know if Tom at bos capitalizes any part of his blog's name, so I'll certainly correct it if needed. (Also, I keep wanting to type "speed of dork" but won't. It has nothing to do with the excellent blog itself, btw.)

Crooked Looks - Pay Day Baby - Instrumental Analysis
Golden City - Diamond Suits - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?
The Secret Handshake - Summer of 98 - Can you See the Sunset from the Southside?
Collective Soul - Hollywood & New Vibration - The Modern Music
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover) - Speed of Dark
New Order - Crystal - Dead Flowers: Anglophiles Anonymous

Tobin Sprout - All Used Up - Speed of Dark - Former GbV
Built to Spill – Made Up Dreams – Badminton Stamps
Chapterhouse - Breather & Pearl & Track 11 & We Are the Beautiful & Everytime & Deli – Speed of Dark - Six songs, one word: SHOEGAZE!!!!
Marshall Crenshaw - Let Her Dance (Bobby Fuller Four) - Speed of Dark
Game Theory - Room For One More, Honey - Gaper’s Blog - The first of what looks to be a terrific series

Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic - bag of songs
Orleans - Dance with Me - Retro Music Snob
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Blinded by the Light - Retro Music Snob - Springsteen cover, you knew that.
KISS - Deuce (live) - Bleedin Out - For the firepot explosions alone this is worth it. Plus it's a great song, and don't even try to convince me otherwise, POPPERS. (I love you, poppers, else I wouldn't be doing this thang.)
Pilot - Magic - bag of songs – “Oh, ho ho, it’s magic.” – that one


indie mom said...

"Speed of Dork"...that's funny. I always type "Speek of Dark" on accident.

Thanks for the mention!

alt-gramma said...

Waving "Hi!" Thanks for linking to us!

--Your new friends at Speed of Dark :)

pplist said...

Thanks for thanking. Keep up the great wurk!

-tom said...

Thanks for the mention, and the link.
Caps or no caps, either way is good.


pplist said...

Phwewww, thanks, -tom! You are a gentleman and a blogger. And an excellent blog is bag of songs.

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