Friday, August 03, 2007

Green Light Say GO: Dilettantes, Terrene, Static of the Gods, Shawn Fogel

Where's the tambo?

Janelle Rogers of Green Light GO astutely noticed I have a groovy little thing going for The Brian Jonestown Massacre (see here) and wondered if I might like to hear 101 Tambourines, the new CD by The Dilettantes, the San Francisco group fronted by TBJM tambourine man Joel Gion. I had enviously (but gratefully) sent you to a link of their “Marzipan” and am glad to be able to post it here, along with two others. For good measure Janelle sent me very pleasing CD's by Seattle-based indiepoppers Terrene (also previously linked to here), Boston indiepoppers Static of the Gods (previously posted here), and New England one-man bandsman Shawn Fogel. I loved all of the songs posted below and am grateful to Janelle for getting in touch and making them available. Click on the artists' names for more information.

Static of the Gods
Dead Petals mp3

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