Saturday, March 27, 2010

Even Knock Me Off Keel And I Feel Really Good About It

from Even

Don't let my unruffled Apollonian surface fool you: this song drives me wild with pleasure. Like, Dionysianally or something. I discovered this Melbourne band a couple of years ago and bought a bunch at eMusic. Last week or so I was cyberwindowshopping and noticed with pleasure a bunch more of their albums are now available there and also here. On a whim I surfed over to their website and found "I Am the Light" shining forth, along with a couple of others available for your perusal. If you have trouble with the m4a format, Peter's Power Pop kindly posted an mp3 recently, so do what you need to do. According to their MySpace site, they are putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming LP, In Another Time. Hubba.

MySpace | Bandsite | Amazon mp3 | eMusic

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