Sunday, April 04, 2010

Weezer's Cuomo Jams With Grrrrls

Um, over here, grrrrrrls.

This is so two months ago, but I recently read at Glorious Noise of an intriguing appearance by Weezer frontperson Rivers Cuomo on Chicago Public Radio's Sound Opinions. Cuomo was backed unrehearsedly by Windy City rockpunkgrrrls, The Cathy Santonies. Obviously I liked what I heard, else it wouldn't be up there. You will find four more songs at GloNo if it clicks with you, too, and you're up for more clicking.

Photo Credit: chops


Anonymous said...

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pplist said...

You know, kate, I can’t quite tell how you felt about the Cuomo/Santonies collab, but I do so appreciate your writing at least some kind of comment, even one redolent of manufactured meat. How my heart leapt to see/smell it in my emailbox! Blogging’s not much fun when one’s efforts evoke little or no response, so yours is appreciated beyond words. And good luck with the online moneymaking thing.

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