Saturday, June 05, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Darker My Love, Keys, Monster Movie, Twin Sister, Laurels, Glands, Young Veins, Male Bonding, Jaill, Woods, Moles, Fresh & Onlys

What amazing sounds DML get from those four hands! (Isn't there supposed to be one more, though?)

Hugs and laughs and darker-drying blood and such to you this Satisfying saturday. We personally thank the kindly hosting entities for the following and hope you will, too.

The Keys - Fire Inside - mp3hugger - Get it rrright nowwwww; the hugger don't keep 'em posted long. (Also our excuse for doing back-to-back/belly-to-belly MotS posts.)

Monster Movie - Bored Beyond Oblivion - 5 Acts

Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix) - I Guess I'm Floating

From an excellent blog, fairly new to us and definitely on the rota:

Darker My Love - Blue Day & She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) (13th Floor Elevators cover) - Rollo & Grady - One of our currently favorite bands. We posted one of our favorite songs of the last couple of years plus another excelente by DML here.
The Laurels - Art School Girl & Wandering Star - Rollo & Grady

The Glands - When I Laugh - Rollo & Grady

Tame Impala - Lucidity - Rollo & Grady - ferociously pleasing psych, as maybe you've noticed
Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss - Rollo & Grady
Tame Impala - Skeleton Tiger - Rollo & Grady

The Young Veins - Change - Rollo & Grady

Male Bonding - Year's Not Long - Rollo & Grady

Jaill - Always Wrong & Everyone's Hip - Rollo & Grady

Woods - Blood Dries Darker - Rollo & Grady - . . .My Love

And from a longtime faveblog:

The Moles - Bury Me Happy - Raven Sings the Blues - for Flying Nun-style devotees, such as we

The Fresh & Onlys - Vanishing Cream - Raven Sings the Blues - We recently posted one by TF&O here (i.e., still fresh).


andrew said...

looking forward to giving these a listen. Thanks, as always, for sifting through everything and posting your favorites.

pplist said...

Thank YOU, Andrew! Your comments mean more than you can know.

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