Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of Late: Golden Dogs, Rassle, Western Civ, Skull Tape, Bird of Youth, Seapony, Papercuts, Burning Hearts

A few recent and recentish finds/loves:

The Golden Dogs - Cheap Umbrellas mp3 - from Coat of Arms - MySpace - Thanks to Indie Rock Cafe, which has one more here.

The Rassle - Celebrate The Days mp3 - from The Rassle EP - MySpace - Get the free EP here.

Western Civ - My Valuable Hunting Knife mp3 - from Sing For Your Meat: A Tribute to Guided By Voices - MySpace - Thanks to Team Clermont.

Skull Tape - Trans Anthro mp3 - from The Invisible Hand and The Descent Of Man - MySpace

BTW, there's a looload of links in this post, so might we pause to recommend that post we did on mouse scroll wheel clicking? Why, yes, we just might.

Bird of Youth - She Is Here to Stay mp3 - from Defender - MySpace

Seapony - Dreaming mp3 - from Go With Me, out today - MySpace - You like? Find another Seapony here.

Papercuts - Do You Really Wanna Know mp3 - from Fading Parade - MySpace

Burning Hearts - Into The Wilderness mp3 - from Into The Wilderness EP - MySpace - Thanks to Music of the Moment for the headsup.

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