Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Music of the Sphere: Mars Classroom, Hummingbirds, Sloan, Jonny, Army Navy, LEAGUE, Byrds, KOACS, C Stilts, W Idols, C Green, A Museums, F Mac

Favebloggers continue to outdo themselves. And we do thank them. (Clicking on the artist names or blog names should take you where you want to go.)

The Hummingbirds - Two Weeks With A Good Man In Niagara Falls & If A Vow - Peter's Power Pop

LEAGUE - Two Wild Hearts - I Guess I'm Floating

Army Navy - Right Back Where We Started From (Maxine Nightingale cover) - Teenage Kicks - Soldiersailors bring the clap!

The Art Museums - Dancing With a Hole In Your Heart - Raven Sings the Blues

Kids On A Crime Spree - Trumpets of Death - Sound Bites

Kids On A Crime Spree - I Don't Want To Call You Baby, Baby - Said The Gramophone - We recently posted one by KOACS here.
The Byrds - You Ain't Going Nowhere - Said The Gramophone

Sloan - The Answer Was You - Chromewaves
Jonny - Candyfloss - Chromewaves - Teenage Fanclubber Norman Blake collaborates with Gorky's Zygotic Munci's Euros Childs.

Mars Classroom - New Theory & Wish You Were Young - The Finest Kiss
- from one of GbV's Robert Pollard's latest projects (as of the last five minutes)
Crystal Stilts - Half A Moon - The Finest Kiss
Wax Idols - All Too Human - The Finest Kiss
Colleen Green - Y Do U Call Me? - The Finest Kiss - While you're there, be sure to grip the La Sera song if you haven't already or even if you have. We posted it here, but since you're going there, getting it there might be more convenient. Ur call.

Fleetwood Mac - The Ledge - Fluxblog
Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News - Fluxblog
Fleetwood Mac - Monday Morning & Hold Me - Fluxblog
Fleetwood Mac - What Makes You Think You're The One & Walk A Thin Line - Fluxblog

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