Monday, September 03, 2012

The High Water Marks - No Pretense on Our Part: We Love 'Em

Long-time visitors to our little lair (if there are indeed such animals extant) might remember our floodtide esteem for this fabulous musical outfit. (Click here to be reminded and to download one of our very favorite songs of this still-new century, "Good I Feel Bad," the epitome of rolling rock.) Thus were we ecstatic to find a new album available for free. . .FREAKIN' FREE (gasp, spit). . .download at Bandcamp. Although the widgets below say "Buy" (and buy you may), once you're at Bandcamp, you'll see what we mean about that "free" bidness. Here are three favorites from Pretending To Be Loud.

(We're pretty sure we got the headsup on this from a faveblog but we failed to make a note of it. We will gladly tender gratitude should our memories be jogged.)

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