Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Dining on Kaviar Special

We're in that tense time between making a friend request and receiving the results thereof. We got up the gumption to ask an incredibly musically compatible neighbor (as in 99.73% red bar), one jasemoz of Canada, to befriend us and in the meantime have been exploring various links he's made available. One took us to Rennes, where we grooved to the garage pop stylings of a four-piece called Kaviar Special.

We can't say we've eaten enough (actually we haven't eaten any) kaviar or caviar or qaviar to determine what would be considered rockin' roe, but these Frenchgents definitely make some special rock 'n' roll. KS have recently released their self-titled first LP, and we found our favorite song, "Summer," had been previously released with the title, "Pope Of The Pop." You'll find it below, along with some more we particularly liked. Various links are available for your clicking/dining/downing pleasure. Bon appetit, nos visiteurs.

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