Friday, February 21, 2014

From the Archives - Into 2010, Part 2

We continue with our series of archived favesongs, as promised. Listen via the exfm widget and download by doing the right click/save maneuver. Click here to visit all previous From the Archives posts. We hope you find some things to like. We'll mention again that we are hosting some of these songs with previously given and never revoked permission. If conditions have changed, we ask bands, labels, etc., to let us know, and we will remove the links.

Apteka - Blackout Hearts mp3
The Botticellis - Up Against the Glass mp3
The Charlatans - Bad Days mp3
CHOO CHOO - A Little Wiser Now mp3
Darker My Love - Talking Words mp3
Drakes Hotel - Broadcast to the Addicted mp3

Fever B - Please Operator? mp3
The Firekites - Good Times mp3
Golden Triangle - Neon Noose mp3
Hot Silk Pockets - Body Clock mp3
I Love Math - I Remember When I Loved Her (Zombies cover) mp3
I Was a King - Norman Bleik mp3

The Krinkles - Gimme Gimme mp3
The Lovetones - City Meets The Stars mp3
Magnapop - Bring It To Me mp3
The Motion Sick - 30 Lives mp3
The Orchid Highway - Next World mp3
The Paparazzi - Hi mp3

The Raveonettes - Suicide mp3
The Sky Drops - Now Would Be mp3
Tall Dwarfs - Meet the Beatle mp3
The Telepathic Butterflies - Circle Man mp3
the Warm Fuzzies - Space Invaders mp3
the Young Sinclairs - Girl I'm For Real mp3

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