Saturday, September 06, 2014

Music of the Sphere: Resonars, Conspiracy of Owls, Frowning Clouds, Part Time, Sister Flo, Comet Gain, Alvvays

Wish we looked this good. Sigh.

We're doing this one quick and dirty, whatever that means. Many thanks to the fabulous bloggenhostenheimers.

The Resonars - If He's So Great - Rollo & Grady
Conspiracy of Owls - Three - Rollo & Grady

The Frowning Clouds - Move It - Austin Town Hall (pic)
Part Time - I Want to Go - Austin Town Hall
Sister Flo - White Noise - Austin Town Hall

Comet Gain - "Sad Love" And Other Stories - Polaroid
Alvvays - Atop A Cake - Polaroid

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