Monday, December 01, 2014

The Well Wishers Tweak "Father Nature"

Tweakin's tiring.
The Well Wishers' chief Wisher, Jeff Shelton, has been tweaking the final song on this year's superb LP A Shattering Sky and is making it possible for all of "us" to profit thereby. We pp's don't usually make "Best Of" lists, but if we did, A Shattering Sky would most definitely be on ours for 2014. Does that mean we're on the verge of shattering tradition, that for the first time in our blog's eight-year history we're gonna succumb to year-end listomania? Nnnnnnnnnnmaybe, but don't hold your breath.

We do, however, want to expend both breath and cyber in thanks to Jeff for making this free download available. The entire LP is available for purchase here, here, and here. Faceoff friendlily here. Some of our previous Jeff-sanctioned posted freebies can be found here.

Click here to get the name-your-price download.

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