Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Mess: THING, Truls Mörck, Os Noctambulos, Heaters, Gilligan Smiles, Jabber, Listen Lady, Real Numbers

Pull on up to the b0ard and feast on THING and things.

Song #2 got us twitchin' as well.

Here are our three favorites (that we haven't already posted) from The Active Listener Sampler 33, which we just now found in our emailbox. Thank you, Nathan Ford.

Oh, and here's another groovy li'l number courtesy of The Active Listener.

We have a new musicfriend!!! We found Thorsten Sideb0ard because he liked someTHING at Bandcamp we also liked and voila! Not only does he have fabulous hair but he also has fabulous taste in music. Here are a few THINGS we found by clicking around his Bandcamp collection.

Be sure and check out song #2, too.

<We also very much "dug" #4.

Lots of good pop in this one, so drink up.

Finally, thanks, Thorsten, for following me, too. I'm looking forward to Bandcamp email notifications of what you're buying.

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