Friday, July 03, 2015

Surefire Winner from a 007 Comp: Papernut Cambridge

Buttons on Button's butt?

Here's our favorite from A Girl And A Gun, an eventually 21-song compilation of 007-related tuneage, courtesy of WIAIWYA (Where It's At Is Where You Are). WIAIWYA's posting one song per week, and so far they're 15 weeks in. (You do the math.)

Name-Your-Price download here.

Keen-eared observers might remember our giving pride of place to Papernut Cambridge in a previous post. (They're actually based in Kent, but surely no one will be a butt about it.) Here's the song from that wonderful comp that came compliments of fabulous bloglabel The Active Listener. Read and hear more by Papernut Cambridge here and here. (Both those "heres" lead to lots more.)

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