Saturday, February 23, 2019

More Freebies From the Archives - Downloadable Bandcampers - Phase 2

As promised, here are 50 more free and legal downloadables from the Powerpopulist Archives. Most are powerpop, janglepop, indiepop, and other kinds of hooky melodic pop.  Clicking /////bc will take you to the Bandcamp page where you can download the song. If you find a pricetag attached there, click either a) Buy the Full Digital Album or b) the album name just under the song name at the top left of the page. We tested all 50 songs just before posting and found them all to be either Free Downloads or Name Your Price (in which case, simply type "0" in the price box). The first 50 freebies are available here (along with some blather about this From the Archives project). If you'd like to work from the playlist in a larger format over at Playmoss, click here. Happy listening, smashing, and grabbing.

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