Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2019 Powerpopulist Faves: R. Stevie Moore, The Bevis Frond, Lolas, Tommy Sistak, The Stan Laurels, The Unswept, Doug Tuttle, The Turnback, Day & Dream, Jordan Jones, Trip Wire,, Mikal Cronin, Gaspar Sanz, David Woodard, The Ace, Mondello, The Speak, The Good Water, The Kaams, Alain Pire Experience, Lauran Hibberd, The 7 & 6, seablite, jeanines, The Ugly Beats, More Kicks, Lucille Furs, Disq, L7, Violet, The Smallgoods, The Decibels, Swervedriver, WHICH WAVE, Guided By Voices, the Suck, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, the dates, The Coathangers, Slush, The Maureens, The Cowboys,Reverberations, I Was A King,

So suddenly we jump from the end of June to the beginning of a new year.We hesitate to account for the long layoff because we hope you've come here to hear and maybe even download music and not to read lame explanations for our six months of nonblogging. But so here's what happened: On July 3 "we" had a stroke. Obviously "we" survived. although technically this could be being ghost-written by some other unidentified music-loving blogger. So, yes we're still alive but we did become paralyzed on the left side of our body and are therefore typing this with but our right hand. So maybe that explains something pertinent to someone.Fortunately our hearing was not affected , and we've been able to continue our quest for new music pleasing to our ears and, hopefully, yours.

Some of the songs in the playlist below were released prior to the fateful year just ended, but we didn't discover them until sometime in 2019.Believe it or not, we do take care in putting our playlists together, hoping that we will hook you early and hold your attention and actuate enjoyment all the way through. Sometimes this involves starting gently and building toward a more fevered pace. Not this time , though, for we begin fast and don't let up until the fifth song Hope that 's okay wit' chew. Of course we hope you'll feel  free to cut loose and listen to any song in any order you choose We will point out that all songs showing an orange, slobbering ice cream-eating bowling ball are available for FREE DOWNLOAD, courtesy of the magnanimous Ice Cream Man, Mr. Wayne Lundquist Ford, selections from whose fabulous Summer 2019 compilation were featured in our last blogpost  B.S. (Before Stroke)(See that post, if interested.) So that's enough tawk, let's rawk!

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