Monday, September 24, 2007

Sextet: Red Collar, Five O'Clock Heroes, A-Sides, Sick of Sarah, Most Serene Republic, SOFT

But why wait?
I'm way too excited about the music to spend time on verbiage. Oops, too late.

Red Collar - Witching Hour mp3 - I guess I oughta save this till late next month, but I'm not gonta.
The Five O'Clock Heroes
Skin Deep mp3 - Bend to the Breaks broke 9/18. And of course if I'm gonta play this one, I simply must reprise the excellent:
The A-Sides - We're The Trees mp3 - Silver Storms arose 9/18. Danke, Toolshed.

The Most Serene Republic - Why So Looking Back mp3 - Danke,
SOFT - Higher mp3 - Their debut, Gone Faded, appears 10/23.

Click on artists' names for more further exploration.


Byron said...

head games really was an great song to start off the week, morning.

pplist said...

Most kind of you, dear sir!

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