Saturday, May 02, 2009

Popfest: Shake Some Action, Pranks, Super Furry Animals, Dog Day, J. Foskett, Monolators, Uglysuit, Alligators, We The They

Thanks so much for popping in. Speaking of which, we'd like to return the favor:

Shake Some Action - I Get Tongue Tied mp3 - As you've no doubt learned elsewhere, this Seattle/Atlanta (and apparently mainly Seattle again) band is letting us travel step-by-step with them as they record their third LP. Visit their blog for fascinating insights into the creative process, not to mention mp3s of the first and third songs from the new album.

Jeffrey Foskett - Thru My Window mp3 - from 2004's Stars in the Sand (and originally the title cut of former Prankster's 1996 LP) - mighty fine powerpop!

The Pranks - from Seattle band's excellent 2008 debut, Modern Communication - One wonders if there's been more than one band by this name.
Modern Communication mp3
Spending Time mp3

The Monolators - I Must Be Dreaming mp3 - from LA quintet's 2008 LP, Don't Dance

The Uglysuit - ...And We Became Sunshine mp3 - from the OK City band's self-titled debut

Alligators - Where Does It Hide? mp3 - from Seattle band's October '08 release, Piggy & Cups

Dog Day - Halifax, Nova Scotia quartet gently raises the woof in Concentration, released just this week.
Rome mp3
Happiness mp3

Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams mp3 - from Welsh wizards' Dark Days/Light Years, released last month

We The They - Pastures mp3 - from the Roscoe, NY band's three-song EP, The Shabby Road Sessions - WTT were nice enough to let us post two pleasing poppers in the early days of our blog, and we hope they won't mind a reprise.

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