Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Humpday Derby: An Horse, Brakes, Bishops, Decks, Coast, (((S))), Koolaid Electric Co., Shoreline Dream, Lower Heaven

Saddle up, friends and neighbors, and let's take a few spins around some groovy tracks. (Awkwardly put, but it's only an intro.) Click colors to hear and see and feel and shell out.

An Horse - Camp Out mp3 - from Brisbane duo's Rearrange Beds, out since 17 March. Many thanks to Marni Wandner at Sneak Attack Media. We're still loving the following previously posted song as well.

Brakes - Two Shocks mp3- from Brighton band's Touchdown - You will sometimes find this group's name in triplicate (brakesbrakesbrakes), which can be confusing. Doesn't seem to affect the excellent music at all. We're still very much enjoying the following, which was in our first post of the magical year of 2009.

The Decks - What You Said mp3 - from Detroit darlings' Breath And Bone, due out 26 May

The Coast - No Secret Why mp3 - off Torontans' Expatriate, released in stores stateside yesterday. Thanks to Ian Anderson at Afternoon Records.

We found the following at the superb German site, Coast is Clear, and sincerely thank blogmeister Peter for the headsups. Please note he has more of some of them, so go visit if't please you.

The Bishops - Wandering By mp3 - from Londoners' For Now, available at Not Lame

(((S))) - Mesmerized mp3 - from Ghost - The guitar kind of reminds us of longtime faves The Cult. You? - Peter still has two more gooduns by this here Danish band here.

The Koolaid Electric Company - Untitled #1 mp3 - psuberb psych from Leighton Buzzard band - Peter has another here.

Lower Heaven - Knife mp3 - from Silverlake, CA band's 2008 release Ashes, available at CD Baby - My notes read, "picky atmospheric marcher w/ nice shifts" (That's right, sometimes I just go very, very deeep.) - Peter has two more here.

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