Friday, October 30, 2009

Music of the Sphere: Elvis C, Sloan, Wellingtons, Seekers, ELO, The Move, Midnight Oil, Rough Bunnies, Elephant Stone, et. al.

We got starry-eyed and laughin' when a wonderful blog we subscribe to, My hmphs, introduced us to the superb antipodean blog, Peter's Power Pop. The tunes below are but a small measure of the treasure that awaits you down under.

First, a few by some groups we didn't know and now want to.

Next, a few by some we do.

Electric Light Orchestra - Do Ya - Peter's Power Pop
The Move - Do Ya - Peter's Power Pop
Midnight Oil - Dreamworld - Peter's Power Pop - Peter also has a live version; we saw MO do this one in Austin on the Diesel and Dust tour back in '88. What a night! (eMusic has a bunch of their lps here.)

Finally, here are a few other nice things we found oot and aboot.

Elephant Stone - How Long & I Am Blind & The Straight Line - Obscure Sound - We hope it won't seem officious to mention that back in April we posted a song by Elephant Stone here, along with five songs by Rishi Dhir's former band, The High Dials, all highly recommended.

Thanks to all the hosts!


Peter said...

Thanks for the mention, powerpopulist.

Your blog's fabulous, by the way, and it now has pride of place in my Blogs of Distinctions blogroll (well, it would have if Blogger didn't list the blogs alphabetically...).

Have fun!

pplist said...

Thanks back atcha, mate. You have superb taste in music, and I'm eagerly looking forward to disporting myself regularly at PPP! Many thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

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