Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music of the Sphere: Sloan, Posies, Ringo D., Summer Suns, Wall of V, Original Sinners, Art Museums, White Fence, Police, Steely Dan

Things are kinda quiet in the sphere right now. I'd hoped to have more for you, but a couple of these might be taken down soon, so I feel the need to post. Besides, there's a nice 1-3-2-3-1 symmetry below that means so much to pp and the gang. BTW, that incredible Posies song was the first I ever posted on this blog, albeit as a video. Sigh. Thanks to all the gracious hosts. (Click below to visit.)

The Summer Suns - Thank You Holly - Peter's Power Pop

Sloan - Iggy & Angus - Star Maker Machine
The Police - So Lonely - Star Maker Machine
Steely Dan - Bodhisattva - Star Maker Machine

The Posies - Dream All Day - Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas
Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio - Barely Awake in Frog Pajamas

Original Sinners - You'll Never Know (What Love is All About) - Raven Sings the Blues
Art Museums - Sculpture Gardens - Raven Sings the Blues
White Fence - Destroy Everything - Raven Sings the Blues

Ringo Deathstarr - Rats Live On No Evil Star & Some Kind of Sad - Covert Curiosity


Andrew said...

As always, really appreciate your site and all the great music you post. Thanks!

pplist said...

Much appreciated, Andrew.

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