Monday, February 22, 2010

The New Pornographers Bring Us Together May 4

We're on their mailing list, so for months now we've been receiving tantalizing headsups from The New Pornographers about the forthcoming Together LP, slated for May 4 release on Matador Records. Today the gratification got slightly less delayed and very much more tangible, as they sent us (and no doubt thousands/millions of others) the mp3 to the above song, which we hope you will agree whets the appetite even further. You can get track listings and learn more about the LP at Matador, while also visiting their MySpace and band sites, as well as stocking up on whatever you still haven't purchased.

Let's face it, TNP are one of our very favorite bands, and we've been sharing all they'll let us since the early days of Powerpopulist. Below are some of the songs we've posted by the group, as well as by leader A.C. Newman. Click to enjoy, if you haven't already.

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