Saturday, December 15, 2012

Channeling Elk

We were just now over at innocently celebrating being able to scrobble again when we found a couple of fairly recent discoveries all free and available like. Torontans Elk seem to be channeling a bit of the old Mickey and Sylvia with that irresistible little hook in "Riverview #3" and hint at it in the very next Daydream ditty as well. We don't hear it quite so much in the curl-shootin' "Sometime Together," but it's still a highly pleasing song. (See/hear/dl below.) Go to Bandcamp and scope out more, if you like. (Sarah Greene says they're channeling The Kinks, and she may well be right.) Whomever they're channeling, if indeed they're channeling anyone at all, we're just mighty happy our ears are channeling them.


Oh, and that other recent discovery? To be posted soon.

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