Monday, December 31, 2012

Tea Cozies: Muchos Dracula

We made a huge mistake not posting this song a couple of months ago when we found it at faveblog The Finest Kiss. We downloaded it while it was still free at Bandcamp but by the time we were set to post, it was no longer free. But after grooving mightily on it earlier today (evidence here) we put forth renewed effort and found it floating free at SoundCloud, hence the widget action below.

Click on the various links we just provided to check out this excellent Seattle band. We'd say more were we not such inarticulate/laconic bloggoons. Besides, what we don't tell you your ears will, and if they don't, The Finest Kiss does with its usual finesse. They, or he, not sure which, put another cozy little number in TFK's excellent Best of 2012 post. (Scroll down to #9.)

Download here.

Oh, yeah, and Happy New Year to ya.

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