Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catch-up: Tim Gilbertson, Jonathan Coulton, PT Walkley, Ryan Bourne, Vaselines, Bigger Lovers

One advantage of being in the minor little peewee weewee pp leagues of bloggerdom is that nothing we do or don't do in our little nanocosm does much damage. Of course, as Socratease might say, neither does it do much good, but bugger him. Anyway, that last post on The Quiet Americans took us back to the rather long mp3 list we've built over the years and reminded us of some loved ones we shoulda but didna post. Consider this post an act of contrition and continuation of a series.

(Our little exfm widget's been pouting for months now about never getting fed anything to play, so here we go. Sure, we fed it The Student Teachers, but awaken a sleeping widget and you deal with the consequences.)

(Could lead to chipped teeth, so watch it.)

Gee, what a pleasant bunch of songtitles. Oh, well:

(They reel in some years and then go lowe.)


KevinB said...

Digging the Tim Gilbertson. Thanks. Student Teachers too. Haven't heard that in years. Have it on Marty Thau 5x5 compilation vinyl.

KevinB said...

PT Walkley and Vaselines are great too. Thanks!

pplist said...

Glad you're digging, too. I appreciate the feedback.

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