Saturday, November 09, 2013

Music of the Sphere: Veronica Falls, People's Temple, The New P's, Rozwell Kid & Sleeping Bag, Sick Rose, Olivia Tremor Control, Lame Drivers, Swearin', PyPy, Pity Sex, Hookworms, Surfer Blood, Potty Mouth, High Highs, Beliefs, Eagulls, Moon King

Which one's the Kid & which one's the Bag?

Nice finds. Get thee thither before it's too late. Inexpressible thanks to the hosts.

Veronica Falls - Nobody There - Side One Track One

People's Temple - Twice Burned - Requiem Pour Un Twister

The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed - Heartache With Hard Work

Rozwell Kid & Sleeping Bag - It's Cool - Rollo & Grady
The Sick Rose - Nothing To Say - Rollo & Grady

We're not exactly sure who Newtown Radio are or how they got such great connections, but they post a shipload of great music. So thank you, Newtown Radio, thank you very much. BTW, the following are grouped by post. A small point perhaps, but potentially useful.

Oh, and one other thing: when you get to NR, a song begins playing automatically. Unless you enjoy listening to two songs at once, you might want to click the PAUSE thingy in the pink area labelled "THE BROADCAST." We say "Unless" because occasionally we'll find a page where you can listen to a bunch of songs at once. We'll get, like, seven or eight numbers playing simultaneously and enjoy the strangely satisfying cacophony. A small point perhaps, but potentially useless.

The Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena - Newtown Radio

Lame Drivers - Excess - Newtown Radio
Swearin' - Movie Star - Newtown Radio

Surfer Blood - Demon Dance - Newtown Radio
Potty Mouth - Black and Studs - Newtown Radio

PyPy - She's Gone - Newtown Radio
Pity Sex - Wind Up - Newtown Radio
Hookworms - On Returning - Newtown Radio

High Highs - A Real Hero - Newtown Radio
Beliefs - She Comes Alive - Newtown Radio
Eagulls - Nerve Endings - Newtown Radio
Moon King - Big Dumb Blue Angel - Newtown Radio

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