Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thumbs Up, Ty Segall

We're thinking about glamming three dots under our right eye(s), too. 
Not sure about the lipfrost, though. Thoughts?

The first, excellent, psychpop psingle from San Francisco rocker Ty Segall's forthcoming (August 26) seventeen (17)-song LP Manipulator is all over the webs today, mainly thanks to Seattle's KEXP blog. So thanks (mainly) to Seattle's KEXP blog.

And in case you missed it, here's Ty and band performing "Feel" on Conan last night. (It's fun watching long-time sidekick and ppfave Mikal Cronin bassing the groove. That recent freeb we posted is still there, as are a bunch of his songs we linked you to.)


johnnybgoode said...

hi ppop! thanks for the conan post. ty segall gives me the most hope that rocknroll still has a future. johnny

pplist said...

My thoughts exactly, John! So glad you're digging him, too. And Mikal Cronin was fantastic at Austin Psych Fest back in May.

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