Monday, August 18, 2014

Tiger Waves Roll Down, Down, Down South, Set Up Boutique

Grinning madly, we waved right back at Austin/Chicago duo Tiger Waves early on and posted quite a few of their songs. Now they've set up shop as Southern Boutique and, yes, we're most definitely "buying" their new wares, with big flapping pp waves and thumbsups of customer satisfaction. Here are a few of our favorites from SB's debut, self-titled LP, downloadable for free at Bandcamp. BTW, we've known about some initial action by SB for a couple of months now but would like to thank Master Nathan Ford at The Active Listener for the headsup on the entire LP.

Update, 8/20/14: While "researching" the Tiger Waves portion of this post, we came across a two-song "single" called "Weekends." The second song, "Sundressed," sounded very much like a most wonderful number we love called "I Love You George Harrison." We had posted it via Bandcamp widgets no longer consumable by human flesh but just now found it and "Weekends" in downloadable mp3 format over at Turntable Kitchen. Apparently not all things must pass. Hari Hari Hari.

We checked back on our Tiger Waves posts and found all the Bandcamp widgets had gone poof. But then we went over to SoundCloud, and - voila! - found a denful/seaful available for FREE DOWNLOAD, including the much cherished "Down, Down, Down." Bargain City, Babes In Toyland, Bargain City. Again, here are a few of our faves; an additional 27 free and legals await you at SoundCloud.

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