Sunday, March 13, 2016

Comps for Comps: Magic Shoppe, Aethereal, The Sun's Evil Twin, The Isabelles, Royal Atlas, Kontiki Suite, Red Cosmos + DWG

Our compliments to two of our favorite sites for continuing to release great name-your-price compilations of psych and psychpop tuneage. Some of the following have been previously dropped into our Songdrop widgets, so we're quite ecstatic to find they are now available for free and legal download. One or two (e.g., The Isabelles) we've already posted but are doing so again in case you missed them the first time. Pretty good way to pspend a Psunday (or any of the other six). Oh, and if you get to this post sometime after The Psychedelic Underground widgets no longer say "download," click here for possible relief. As always, we're posting only our very favorites. There's lots of great stuff still available where these came from.

Please note there's another Magic Shoppe ditty available in that first TAL widget below. Bandcamp   Facebook

SoundCloud   Facebook

Bandcamp   Facebook

Go here for more by The Isabelles, along with other Cornish fare. Bandcamp   Facebook

And now to The Active Listener.


Bandcamp   Facebook


We've been meaning to add this glorious wonder to a post, so why not NOW?


johnnybgoode said...

hi ppop! thanks for the deleted waveform gatherings video. one of their best songs. and what a great band. kinda a mix of teenage fanclub and "trip inside this house" by the 13th floor elevators (a texas band, maybe you heard of haha).

hopefully you stumbled upon this link from popfair:

pplist said...

Glad you love 'em, too, jbg. Thanks for the Pop Fair link.

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