Sunday, March 06, 2016

Free Flamingo F.O.R. S.A.L.E. + Scrambled Limbs

We found these long-legged Jacksonville, ILL. avian types at one of those monster (non-scary) posts over at Psychgazer (#104, to be exact). And, oooh-weee did we fly, man/woman.

Update-25jan17 - It appears the band has (d)evolved from birds to narcs.  Music's still good, though.

We also particularly like #s 6 & 8. Oh, and remember: guns don't kill people, and neither do people with guns.

While we're at it, we might just mention we dropped a bunch of songs we discovered at Psychgazer into that Songdrop widget in the upper right corner of this page, including ones by Double VeteransRob Clarke and the Wooltones, Pale Sun, Sir Robin & The Longbowmen, The Haiduks, The Smoking Trees, and Dowse. Below is another tune we liked that is actually freely downloadable.

It starts out kind of strange, settles into a nice groove at 1:25, and then slows wayyy down at 4:36. None of this might be important to you, but no harm in mentioning it, we hope.

We also would have dropped "Eye Eye Eye" by New Speedway, but Songdrop wasn't swallowing, and so far we haven't found it droppable anywhere else. So here 'tis.

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