Friday, July 08, 2016

Basketball Shorts Are Hot and Ready Indeed

Austin poppunkers Basketball Shorts drop their excellent brand-spankin'-new LP, Hot and Ready, this very day via Austin Town Hall Records and Fleeting Youth Records. You can download the first track, "Looking,"  via the SoundCloud widget below and listen to and buy the whole caboodle via the Bandcamp widget under that.

Incidentally, we just checked and found the various free and legals we posted back in 2013 are also still available, should your clickfinger(s) not be exhausted.

And speaking of SoundCloud, it might be that their primitive equipment has not caught up with our computers' state-of-the-art technowizardry (or vice versa), but we've been noticing at this and other blogs we visit that SoundCloud widgets have been taking a long time to load in of late. So be patient, if possible.

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