Thursday, July 28, 2016

Getting sucked into Laika's Orbit . . .

. . . does not suck. Oh, no, far from it, quite the opposite, in fact. Through the good graces of the excellent new-to-us blog Poprock Record we found the excellent new-to-us blog Mufoandthings. And through the excellent Mufoandthings we found the excellent new-to-us New England band Laika's Orbit. Their name-your-price LP kicks off with our favorite song on No Matter What It Takes, "No Matter What It Takes," as you can easily see and hear.

Speaking - well, writing, actually - of the aforementioned Poprock Record, we highly recommend his cogent post, "Poprock versus power pop." If we could write so fluently and persuasively about music, well, we just might give it a try. Thus, we do not even.

Since they'll apparently be touring in August with Amherst, Mass. band California X and since we've bought, oh, a mutant handful (7) of C X's songs, we'll give you a widgie with one of our favorites. The rest of Nights in the Dark is also in the widgie.

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