Thursday, September 15, 2016

Columbus' Connections Launch Weapons of Mass Seduction

We're posting this excellent lo-fi powerpop number in two formats: Bandcamp widget and YouTube vid, but please be advised: This video contains graphic depictions of full-frontal (and lateral) intimacy between fruits, in this case, two very ripe bananas. Initially it's just innocent spooning (for which, as you may have noticed, bananas are ideally structured). At that point you might be thinking, "Oh, pp, you're such a prude. I get more excited opening my cutlery drawer." Well, just you wait because at the 1:57 mark they peel and do the full Monty, and it leaves nothing--nothing--to the imagination (unless your reveries run to naughty necking nanners making the beast with two backs). So you've got options.

We've got a bit more to say below, but let's go ahead and "do it."

Yes, the quintet's from Ohio, both Columbus and Dayton, and you know what that means: a Guided by Voices connection!. They were at first signed to Robert Pollard's Rockathon label, and the lead Voice's bona (lo)fides are everywhere evident. (Today Connections are on the Anyway Records label.) Read more about it at this excellent Blurt post. In an earlier post of our own we guided your fingertips to connect with another's Fingerips to check out/maybe download the excellent "Mall Lights." Well, guess what: it's still excellent and it's still there!

Other Connections freebies are available here and here, and you can buy their recently released Midnight Run here and here. (For some reason, the Bandcamp widget contains no Buy option.) Click for Facebook connection.

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