Sunday, September 04, 2016

Regurgitator Hurl Us a New Oldie

Save your spew 'cause that's the last emetic-based synonymerie we're heaving at you in this post. (Unless, you know . . . )

Anyhoo, we bought some of Brisband Regurgitator's powerpopunk several years ago at eMusic and were quite chuffed to find via email they've just thrown up a "new" one they actually recorded in Rio back in the aughts. Checking it out led to a couple of merry hours checking out the rest of their ouevre at their many Bandcamp pages. And, wow, what an ouevre, all available for free and legal download!

Below are our very favorites, along with links to the download action. The Gurge (it only takes a little bit of reading customer comments at Bandcamp to start sounding like a cognoscente of The Scene Brisbemitic) have quite a range of styles 'n' genres, so naturally we're emphasizing those that hew more closely to guitar-driven power cum pop. We're posting pretty much in chronological order, ending with the recently surfacing song alluded to above.

We also very much like #3. 7, & 11.

Also highly recommended: #6, 9, 13

And here's the newie/oldie:

Okay, we can't resist posting this semi-theme-based fave from back in the aughts.

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