Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Streamers: Garden Gate, Teevee, The Orange Kyte, Affordable Hybrid, Our Girl

Songdrop's back, and we're pretty darned happy about it. (How happy are we? Just look at the picture above.) We've gone back through and dropped into our Currents 3 mix all the ones we put in regular posts during Songdrop's hiatus, plus all the ones from lists we've been compiling the last week or so.

Below, though, are a few that for one reason or another, still won't drop. We like them and thought you might want to give ear. Oh, and it's gonna take awhile, but over the next few days, we hope to drop these recent drops into other appropriate Songdrop mixes, such as Powerpop 1, Powerpop 2, Early Powerpop, Indierock 1, Indierock 2, Jangle 1, Jangle 2, Femmes, Oz, Kiwis, Covers, Alternative Heyday, Psych, and Shoegaze.

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