Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recent Explorations Via Hubble Telyscopes

Remember our post last year on Alexandria, VA's A Marc Train Home, Lenclair, Jack Hubble (or Hubbell), and his band Telyscopes???? (Sure, why not, pp, what are you getting at?) Quite a bit, actually, and thank you for remembering, or pretending to, because we just got emailed word that Jack's been up to more mischief, and it's rather stellar. And by checking it out, we found that almost everything in TelyscopesBandcamp catalog is now available for name-your-price download, even the stuff we spent our hard-earned on sometime in April of last year.

We sampled everything we hadn't listened to last year and were frankly enraptured. Jack's an adventurous sort, sometimes perhaps an ooch or twelve more than "necessary," but then that's kind of what we thought about Car Seat Headrest, who is now one hot item in the (admittedly smallish) world of blogs Indie. So who knows what the future holds for Jack and the Telys?

We earmarked lots and lots of Telyscopic discoveries for our personal music library but are highlighting our very favorites.

This is from the latest LP, the one we got the email about. We also particularly liked #1 and #8.

We bought this one last year. You don't have to if you click here.

We also bought this one and the one below, along with #3, 5 & 6. We would call #3 pretty pure power pop but for the fact it's one of the most ribald double p songs we've ever heard. Nothing worse than what one of the two major party presidential candidates has uttered (and done), though.

This one dropped in May of this year. We really liked the following as well: #2, 5, 7, 9, 12, & 13.

Oh, and we enjoyed this videoscopic representation of the previously widgeted song, "Victory."

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