Friday, May 12, 2017

April 2017 Faves of the Faves Playlist

Sweet indeed, for April showered us with a nourishing bounty of musical discovery. But, hey, enough poetry, wot?

We added 81 mostly new-to-us titles to our Playmoss April 2017 playlist and from that list have widgeted 31 of our very favorites below. We've thought about launching a radio show to share our discoveries but find these Playmoss playlists preferable for several reasons: A) You don't have to hear our voice. B) It's easy for you to drop the needle from song to song, skipping ahead should you - Fod gorbid - not be enjoying a song. C) You seldom need to wonder which artist or song you're listening to. D) Other reasons we don't care to mention.

We indicated you need not be in doubt as to Artist or Songtitle, but sometimes Playmoss does not display one or more of those useful pieces of information. In the widget below, that applies to the following:

#3 - So Many Wizards - Just Poison
#5 - jellyskin - Eater
#10 - Sugarmen - SOLD
#31 - Matthew Sweet - Trick

And sometimes Playmoss simply refuses to ingest a song at all. This month a hideous injustice might have been done when "Mossy" refused to display any of the songs off of Peachfuzz's fabulous Pop Of The World LP. Fortunately, we posted that free and legally downloadable LP here, along with some other Peachfuzzes "Mossy" wouldn't accept. We love Playmoss very much, but sometimes . . . sheesh.

Finally, we might mention that we've been creating more Playlists you might like to check out, particularly the one called "Powerpop - From Dec2016 ---->." You can check out our entire Powerpopulist Playmoss Playlist Collection here

Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, April 2017 Faves of the Faves.

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