Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recentish Finds: Wyatt Blair, Moondogs, Captain Wilberforce, Carlos, Dangüs Tarküs, Brat Farrar, daysee, Starwheel

Our Powerpopulist Acquisition Department has done a rather decent job of hunting down and stockpiling high quality, free and legally downloadable tuneage. Unfortunately our Distribution Department sucks. We'd fire his ass if that didn't entail the simultaneous elimination of the Acquisition Department. Anyway, here are some recent and fairly recent finds for your consideration. We might have to do some more posts of this ilk to catch up.

We also very much liked #2.

We liked #1 a lot, too. Thanks to dear friend Wub-Fur (aka "Bo") for the headsup on this Oakland band.

We also loved #3, 5, 7, & 8. Tip of the chapeau to Still in Rock for the headsup.

We also liked #2 a ho' ho' lot.

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