Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Faves from Drunken Sailor Compilations: Marvelous Mark, First Base, The Cowboys, Malos Modales, Wonk Unit, Flamingo 50

Ahoy (hic!), maties. Our reshent posht on the fab new LP by First Base led us to some other fun name-your-price downloadables courtesy of Drunken Sailor Records. We've sampled all 56 songs on three DSR compilations and post below our very favorites. The dipso mariner tends toward the fast, fuzzy, and furious, but our selections tend toward a more poppy mode. Each widget below has all the songs on each comp, so if we've been a bit tame for your taste, dive right in and get falling down happy. Click here to view the full Drunken Sailor discography.

We've posted previously on this top-notch Torontan, and some of the songs we posted are still available for name-your-price download (including this very next one).

You probably wondered why we left this one out of that aforementioned First Base post. (Sure, pp, sure, we pay infinite attention to everything you do.) Well, we were saving it for this post.

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