Wednesday, December 06, 2017

First Base Hit A Grand Slam

We merrily posted songs by Toronto band First Base two times previously and were pumped to find their new Drunken Sailor Records LP is not only Not That Bad but pretty much rockingly excellent from start to finish. You can either buy the whole digital album at Bandcamp or download each song individually on a name-your-price basis. Below are our very favorites from the new LP. To go to a song's name-your-price download page, simply click the song title.

If you go to our previous posts, you'll find a couple of songs still available for free download, (Some songs that were previously available have mysteriously disappeared, hence the ugly black lacunae at one of the posts.)

At the First Base SoundCloud page you will find a bunch of cover songs available for free download, along with some that are strictly for streaming. To discover if a song is downloadable, click ". . . More" and see if the drop-down menu says "Download."

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